The staff of RavenConcert has also been running RavenCon since 2006. RavenCon draws 1400-1500 people every year and features over 350 hours of programming in a single weekend. It is a multi-focus science fiction convention—literary, costuming, gaming, art and, of course, MUSIC. Over the years, we’ve had a diverse lineup of musicians; acts like Mikey Mason, Misbehavin’ Maidens, Jonah Knight, Valentine Wolfe, Dimensional Riffs, the Blibbering  Humdingers, Crunk Witch, White Plectrum, Angela Plays Ukulele, Devo Spice, Filk Ferret, and Hawthorn & Holly have all played at RavenCon. We started thinking, “How awesome would it be to bring all of these types of acts together, with even more performers to make a huge Geek Music Festival?!”

Our Staff

Michael D. Pederson The overworked guy-in-charge is Michael D. Pederson. He’s been attending conventions since 1987 and has been actively involved in fandom for over twenty years. He publishes the fanzine, Nth Degree, and has been in charge of RavenCon since its inception. He was honored with the Rebel Award in 2017 for his contributions to southern fandom. Mike’s taste in Geek Music and comedy is wide and varied, including performers like MC Lars, Time Crash, Ookla the Mok, Tom Smith, George Hrab, and Rev. Billy C. Wirtz.

Alex TaylorOur Technical Director is Alex Taylor. Alex brings to the table over ten years of experience, both on stage and off.  He has been the guitarist and band leader for Holland America cruise lines and played for many musicals and showcases around Richmond. When not performing he can be found backstage or behind the soundboard with some of Richmond’s biggest bands. With this experience comes a great amount of gear that he is donating to RavenConcert for use, including a full PA system and backline equipment.

The rest of the talented RavenCon staff will be filling out the rest of our roster. As we lock down more positions, except to see more names pop up on this page. In the meantime, you can see what they do for RavenCon on our sister website.